For most photographers, a wedding is just another business coming. But to me, I believe it is the most important day in the groom and bride’s life. So because of this, I don’t just take weddings as another day at work but a very important day when two people make a decision to be together forever.

The main reason why I take this important is that the memories of this great day will depend on the kind of photos I produce. This will also enable me to fully appreciate the efforts put into the wedding to make look so beautiful, therefore giving me the chance to capture the wedding in its true nature. I will be able to capture moments and activities that are otherwise, impossible to capture.

I believe that photography is the life of every wedding, as all the other things will go except for the photos taken. The photos can also serve as a preservative for the other aspects of the wedding such as the flowers, the dresses, the cake, and the overall décor.
I do my best to catch a very bit of it so that even after the wedding day, the photos can be put together and all the memories and emotions of that marvelous day will be back. The dresses can be seen again, the flowers can be loved again, the cake can be appreciated again, and this will all bring back the music. This is why I do my responsibility very seriously.

As I’ve mentioned above, the role I play in weddings is a very special one, as the future
the memory of the wedding depends on the photos I produce. Because of this, I also try to familiarize myself with the concept of weddings. I try to see it what it is, that is, a great event which has taken over a year to plan. This planning most not go in vain, I must be able to capture a very bit of it on camera. I also tell my clients to make themselves comfortable during the whole event. The more their comfort, the better my chances of getting a good capture that will hold memories of the moment in it. Because of this, I take as many photos so as not to miss any perfect moment and to be able to catch all the emotional moments.

Because only what is in writing counts, I also prepare a contract for my clients. This contract will contain all the information necessary for the wedding plan. It will also include contact information of the groom and bride so that communication can be easy when clarification is needed. So in conclusion, weddings are great events not just to the groom, bride and their families, but also to a well-meaning photographer who know his/her job.
I know my job very well, and I do my best to bring out the best out of very wedding photo I take. This is why I see myself like paparazzi, not leaving any moment to go freely without
being caught on my camera.