People sometimes ask me “So, Remi, how do you pronounce your name?”

I tell them, “It’s easy! Just like Remy Martin, there’s no need to break your teeth!”

However, if you want a slightly trickier challenge,

you can try pronouncing my real name, “Revital”.

I am 30 years old and was born and raised in Israel.

All my life I have messed around with art and searched for ways that I can express myself through it.

I have painted, photographed, sculpted, and designed, although I found my true calling to be photography.

I love expressing myself through a lens, visualizing how I see beauty in the world through my perspective.

I moved to New York in February 2015 and now live in the exciting neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

with my amazing little dog Pokita and my redheaded husband.

I love everything about them.

I also love the smell of the sea and have a thing for shoes, espresso, deer and ice cream.

If you ask me, good music, great company and mojitos are what life is all about!


My Approach

My style is all about capture the moment!

I’m looking for the look that says everything.

 the excitement, the smile but most of all the love.

 I blend a mix of classic versus modern,

candid and Urban photography.

I assuring you, that you’ll get beautiful timeless shots

as well capturing the intimate and silly moments that tell your unique story.