Wedding, without any doubt, is the most important event in one’s life and who doesn’t want to capture the best of it and cherish it for the rest of their lives? We all do! So here we have some pictures for you and the type of photography being done so that you can choose the type you want on your wedding.

A fine art wedding style photography is usually demanded by the people as a wedding is one important day in their lives. So all they want is their perfect moments to be captured perfectly. This type of wedding photography is usually traditional and classic. It has a film touch and influences from shoots in fashion magazines. Here in the above picture, you can see that the groom is holding his bride in a perfect manner and the bride is posing showing her beautiful dress. For many brides, the dress is one of the most important parts of the wedding day. It also tends to be something guests will remember clearly when thinking back on the event.

Since it’s presumably a garment you will only wear once, the

the best way to guarantee that your gown will be properly remembered once you are part of an old married couple is by making sure your photos show it off in all its glory.
Photographers who opt for this kind of photography for their clients have a background in fashion or portrait photography. All these photographers do great effort by showing their skills and make your pictures look romantic, dreamlike and above all, Perfect!

This fine art image depicts a true bonding between a couple. A perfect picture with just the right amount of exposure.The picture looks like as if a film is going on and there is always a skill in capturing a picture that looks like a film and tells a story. The bride and the groom look like the romantic leads in their own film. It is said that all portraits are somehow same. But look at this one! It doesn’t look the same. It has a love story to tell, true feelings to express and above all, a bonding couple cherishing their time together. Capturing a shot that depicts true affection and story isn’t that easy.

Weddings are not just about having everything preplanned. There are things that don’t go your way. So if you think you are going to pose even when putting makeup on or setting your veil, Na! You don’t have time for it.

You can’t ask everyone to stay stiff and pose for a picture especially when you talk about wedding photography. As people are busy handling stuff, receiving guests and looking after their guests. The bride, on the other hand, is not always ready to pose as she wears heavy accessories and a heavy dress and she has to get her things to be set time after time.

So it’s likely to choose a reportage style wedding photography. Now what actually happens, if you don’t see your important guests giggling and smiling at your wedding, you can definitely see them in photographs and I assure you it’ll bring a wide smile on your face. When a bride is getting ready, it’s an important moment to capture as she is getting ready for the most precious event of her life. Capturing candid pictures of her while she’s busy getting dolled up are the most heartwarming ones. Here is a picture of the bride talking to her bridesmaid and her beautiful veil is enhancing the shot.